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Your Key to Success: FACEP Personal Statement Writing

If you want to become part of a professional organization, then you may opt for the American College of Emergency Physicians. They will be your help to excel on the career path you choose and will make you trained and skilled in the professional world. Learn how to write a critical care fellowship personal statement and FACEP personal statement, and see the following for a guide on essential things to know about critical care fellowship applications.

General Information about the American College of Emergency Physicians

The American College of Emergency Physicians is a professional institution of emergency medicine physicians in the US. They have headquarters in Irving, Texas, and they operate in Washington. In 2013, they have over 31,000 members.

The fellow American College of Emergency Physicians was founded in the year 1968 by a group of physicians sharing a commitment to improving the emergency care quality. They set out to train and educate physicians in emergency medicine to give emergency care quality in nation’s hospitalists.

The group has the vision of promoting the value and recognition of emergency medicine as an essential public service. For emergency physicians, they are valued and recognized for their commitment to teaching, high-quality patient care, innovation, research, and leadership. Also, the American College of Emergency Physicians promotes the highest emergency care quality, and they are a leading advocate for their patients, the public, and emergency physicians.

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Fellowship FACEP Requirements

  • Be a regular, honorary, life or international member for three continuous years prior to the election as well as must-have certified in emergency medicine at the election time by the American Board of Emergency Medicine, in pediatric emergency medicine by American Board of Pediatrics or American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine.
  • At least 3 years of involvement in emergency medicine as physician’s chief professional activity and exclusive training, and;
  • Satisfaction of at least 3 of the following criteria during professional career:
  • Active involvement in voluntary health organizations, voluntary community health planning activities or organized medical societies as appointed or elected public official;
  • Active involvement in a hospital affair, such as medical staff committee as attested by chief of staff or emergency department;
  • Active involvement in emergencies medicine formal teaching to nurses, physicians, out-of-state care personnel, medical students or public;
  • Active involvement in departmental affairs or emergency medicine administration;
  • Active involvement in services system in emergency medicine;
  • To become part of the emergency fellowship, applicant must have Emergency medicine research;
  • Active involvement in ACEP chapter activities attested by chapter executive director or president;
  • And a member of ACEP national committee, national board of directors or ACEP Council

Note: Fellows should be authorized to use the FACEP letters in conjunction with the professional activities, fees, reasons for fellow termination and election procedures that shall be determined by Board of Directors.

Specific Features of American College of Emergency Physicians Fellowship

To become a   part of American College of Emergency Physicians fellowship, fellows must be a living, active, international or honorary member of the ACEP for 3 consecutive years as well as in primarily practice as an emergency physician, exclusive of their training.

Physicians must be board certified by American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine or American Board of Emergency Medicine or by American Board of Pediatrics.

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Tips for Writing the FACEP Personal Statement

Here are some of the best tips to know in writing FACEP emergency physicians personal statement. It will help you to get new ideas and advice on the best things to do in writing the essay for improved chances of success.

  • Insight about personality: The essential role of the personal statement is to provide the admission committee a sense of your personality and things you can do when you become a part of their university’s community. Are you ambitious? Inquisitive? Caring? Including these qualities have a profound impact on your application that is hard to determine in your transcript of record. The reason is that the essay contextualizes applicant’s application and shows what kind of individual he is outside of his test scores and grades. Without the essay, your application is just a series of numbers: SAT scores, GPA, and others. The personal statement is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd.
  • Evidence of writing skills: One of the purposes of the FACEP personal statement is to provide samples and help readers see that you have the skills necessary to become successful. The essay is your best chance to show off your writing, so you need to take time constructing a piece of document that you will be proud of. Do not panic if you are not a great writer because what is important is that you show what you have. No matter what you would write, your essay should not include any typos or errors.  Check them before submission.
  • Explanation of circumstances: For some applicants, the personal statement is their chance to explain factors that affect their school record. It is essential to indicate any essential circumstances in your application.
  • Reasons for applying: Of course, it is also important to write why you are applying to the organization. With these reasons, the readers will know about your enthusiasm, reasons to attend the school and explanation you’re interested in the career. In writing an FHM personal statement, you should put these together and come up with a coherent, highly readable and polished essay.
  • Take your time: In writing, you should not rush. A superb personal statement will not be completed in a couple of hours or sometimes a couple of days. In some cases, it may take over a month to complete a final version. What to do instead is to take a short break for a few days, then coming back to it with fresh eyes, mind, and ideas. This is also essential when you write critical care fellowship personal statement, which is also very essential for the application.

To become a part of American College of Emergency Physicians organization, you have to do your best, write an impressive well put together piece, and provide your membership status. Completing an application takes time, so you must start applying as soon as possible. Doing so will give you more time in completing all the required materials and reviewing them before submission.

Finally, a personal statement is one of the important requirements in applying, and it is your chance to present yourself in the best possible light. Make sure that you include the strongest examples, experiences, training, and achievements in your statement.

Take note of these tips and excel in your FACEP personal statement today!