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Writing an Attention Grabbing Medical Residency Personal Statement with Professionals

writing medical residency personal statement

Getting into Residency Takes Hard Work

No matter you are an IMG (international medical graduate) or a local resident of USA, you have to pass through a difficult process to get into residency. You have to prepare different documents and medical residency personal statement is considered the most important one. That is the reason, graduates are always looking for medical residency personal statement example, to write their own critical care fellowship personal statement.

However, being graduate is not enough, you have to go through various other steps as well, which are mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Graduate from medical school
  • Step 2: Complete USMLE steps (1 and 2 (CK and CS both).
  • Step 3: Join online portals of AAMC and ERAS
  • Step 4: Submit transcripts of medical school and USMLE
  • Step 5: Complete the ERAS application
  • Step 6: Get letter of recommendations
  • Step 7: Write personal statement
  • Step 8: Get MSPE
  • Step 9: Apply to all the residency programs, you are interested in
  • Step 10: Secure and sit for interviews
  • Step 11: Create an order list according to your preference
  • Step 12: MATCH

The above mentioned 12 steps process is for the local residents of USA. If you are an international student or IMG you have few more steps to follow.

  • Get ECFMG Certificate
  • Have clinical experience in USA
  • Apply to residency programs
  • Get J-1 visa

So, getting into residency is not as easy as it seems, you have to work hard to secure your seat.

What Is a Medical Residency Personal Statement?

Medical residency personal statement is a requirement if you want to get a seat in residency. Infect, it is considered a key document in your success. You can find FAAD personal statement or medical residency personal statement sample online. In personal statement you provide information about yourself. You show your enthusiasm about residency and the particular institution you are applying to. You mention your goals and how this residency can help you to achieve them. You describe about your strengths and those qualities, which can be beneficial for the institution.

professional medical residency personal statement sample

Medical Residency Personal Statement Template

When you start writing a personal statement for medical residency or medical fellowship, you might get confused. Residency fellows have no idea that what they should include in personal statement. Medical residency personal statement template can provide a little help, however, make sure you don’t copy anything from any source. All the information you collect is just for guidance. Here is our medical residency personal statement template, which you can find helpful.

  • Introduction

The first paragraph of your personal statement is introduction. It should be 200 – 250 words. Start it in an interesting way. You can begin with an interesting event or incident, which enhanced your interest in medical field or in this particular field of residency. You can give a brief introduction of yours too.

  • Body

When you start writing the body, it can be a single paragraph, or you can split it into two, depending on the content you are writing. However, make sure that it’s not very long, you can write 500 – 700 words. In the body, you have to mention the qualities of the institution, which attracted you to apply here. You can also mention your strengths, which can be beneficial for the institution. Keep your tone formal, yet very positive and warm.

  • Conclusion

Personal statement medical residency writing should be ended with a proper conclusion. It should be as interesting as the start was. Give it particular importance, as an interesting conclusion will leave a long-lasting impression on the mind of reader. It should also be 200 – 250 words.

10 Writing Technique Suggestions for Medical Residency Personal Statement

Writing personal statement is not an easy job. Here are few suggestions, which can help you to write a good personal statement:

  • Give an interesting start to your statement. It should be interesting enough that reader erg to read it till end.
  • Don’t repeat the particulars of the CV.
  • If the CV has a red flag or anything, which asks for an explanation, this is the right place to explain.
  • If you have an old personal statement, don’t use that for medical residency, write a new one.
  • If you are applying to more than one institution, write a unique and customized statement for every institution.
  • Don’t tell a lie or over exaggerate the things. Tell the truth only, but you can tell it in an interesting way.
  • Make sure you follow the rules and formatting instructions given for the personal statement. Follow the same format throughout the statement.
  • Use formal language; don’t use any slang or other informal words.
  • Edit your personal statement and make sure it has no spelling and sentence mistakes.
  • It’s always better to get a third-party opinion. Show it to your friend or family member for proofreading.

Advice from an Expert on Writing a Personal Statement for Medical Residence

Dr. Hoverman, an assistant professor of family medicine and global health says about the personal statement, “Being able to organize your thoughts and write effectively is vital for transmitting knowledge as a physician”.

professional medical residency personal statement writing services

How Do Your Writers Present My Information Better Than I Myself Would?

If you are confused about writing personal statement, you can hire medical residency personal statement writing services. They will help you in writing and editing your personal statement. Many people ask the question that how medical residency personal statement editing service can write better.

The medical residency personal statement services have an expert team of writers and editors. They are not only well qualified, but they are well trained too. They know the requirements of the admission committee and they know proper formatting and writing techniques. They know the recommended length, formatting style and other requirements, so they can write a better personal statement, when compared from the person himself.

How Does The Writing Process Work?

If you are worried about the personal statement, hire our personal statement writing service for medical residency. It’s a very simple process:

  • You have to place the order, mention your requirements and other details.
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Features and Benefits of Using Our Professional Help

If you hire our medical residency personal statement writing service, you can enjoy many benefits:

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