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Writing a Winning Personal Statement Radiology Fellowship Is an Easy Task with Us

One of the most appealing and known studies in the field of medicine is radiology and the number of radiologic technologists is growing. As projected by the US, there would be an increase of 9% to the number of technologists and more than 17,200 new jobs will be offered between 2014 and 2024. In May 2015, the average earning of a radiologic technologist is $58, 520 per year and $27.13 per hour. Due to the demand for technologists in clinics, physician’s’ office, and hospitals, the field will continue to show higher growth in the near future together with the advancement of the technology. With a good fellowship personal statement like a personal statement about sports, there will be a big chance of acceptance and for you to be accepted in a radiology fellowship.

With nuclear medicine, there are many medical imaging techniques being known which make it a fascinating subject to study. Based on the ranking, this field is a smart choice for it ranked 15th best job in healthcare and 30th overall.

Types of Radiologic Careers

Before you become excited and make CV for postdoctoral fellowship or personal statement radiology fellowship, make sure to know the different careers offered in the field of radiology.

This will help you out on what to choose as a major study and be prepared for it:

  • A radiologist (MD) – these are the surgeons and physicians who learned the highly-advanced skill in diagnosing and interpreting medical imaging. They use CT scans, fluoroscopy, MRI, x-ray, and mammography to identify the patient’s disease and illness.
  • Radiographer or radiology technologists – also called rad techs, they create medical imaging using mammography, MRI, and x-rays to be analyzed by radiologists and other physicians.
  • Radiology technicians – usually work in doctor’s offices and in urgent care centers but not in hospitals. They have a limited scope of practice and will not be allowed to perform any imaging procedures.
  • Diagnostic medical sonographer or ultrasound technician – skilled technicians who use sound waves or ultrasound technology on a wide range of procedures like neuro sonography, cardiac, abdominal, obstetric and gynecologic sonography.
  • MRI technician – Operates a magnetic resonance scanner for them to obtain two or three-dimensional maps of the tissues within the body which will be used by the physicians to diagnose and treat pathologies.
  • CT scan technologist/CAT scan technologist/CT tech – responsible for producing computerized tomographic scans of certain sections on a person’s body. The perform ultrasound examinations, gynecologic and obstetric scans, and abdominal scans. They also do retroperitoneal scans for them to create 3D slices of the body.

personal statement radiology fellowship writing tips

Writing the Best Radiology Fellowship Personal Statement

Writing a personal statement for radiology fellowship for you to apply in different institutions is important to be included in your application. What is important for radiology fellowship is for you to create the best personal statement service for fellowship that will showcase who you are and what you had achieved.

There is a fellowship personal statement example that you can use as a reference and get ideas with to make your own.

personal statement for radiology fellowship

Image credit: radiology.ucsf.edu

You can follow these simple steps for you to achieve a winning personal statement:

  • Make a draft/outline. Write everything you want to say and let your ideas flow so that you will not have to miss some important details. Creating a draft or outline will not require you to have it as perfect as the final one. This is just the part where you need to gather all your thoughts and will guide you when you are doing the real piece.
  • Take your time. Rushing will not do you good to take your time. A winning personal statement will not be ready and completed in a couple of hours or even a couple of days. Completing it will take time if you are just working on it alone. You also need a break and do not bombard your mind with thinking what to put next.
  • Find the perfect expressions and words. Choose the word you use wisely for it might affect your application as well. Do not be overwhelmed with how beautiful a word is if it is not related or not being used to present any personal statement. You can search the internet for synonyms that will not be difficult to understand and read.
  • Concentrate on your strengths. Since you are selling yourself and your personal statement is your brochure, you should write about your knowledge, experiences, and even future plans. This will help the admission committee to decide if you are right for the position you are applying for.
  • Find the perfect opening sentence. Make your first sentence as entertaining as it can since the first sentence of a personal statement. It should be surprising, unusual, interesting or funny which will leave a good first impression on the readers.
  • Make it your own ideas, voice, and work. On the first few drafts of your personal statement, make it original so better not to read any other personal statements beforehand. You must be unique and do not use someone else’s ideas.
  • Be honest. Do not exaggerate and do not provide any false information in your personal statement. If you are good for some things, then you are good the way you are. Do not create a false image just to impress the admission committee.
  • Have someone to proofread your statement. Have your friends, teachers, and parents to give feedback on the personal statement you are writing. It will give you the idea on how to make the final version as perfect as it can be.

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