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What to Write in Personal Statement for Surgery Fellowship? Explore Here

Surgery is one of the specialties in medicine that is very important, known, as well as being in demand. Their main purpose is to treat or investigate a pathological condition and also to do a physical intervention on tissues. With the help of surgeons, they help in improving a patient’s bodily appearance or functions. They could also repair some unwanted ruptured areas of the patient’s body. If you want to avoid failure require our help right now or use helpful fellowship personal statement tips.

Helpful Reasons to Decide to Become a Surgeon

  • Prestige – surgeon is the most respected position in the field of medicine for they hold the patients live in their hands.
  • Pay and benefits – surgeons have an annual salary of $231,550 in 2011 together with a benefits package including paid vacation and health insurance.
  • Intellectual stimulation – gives out time to attend training and conferences since new surgical techniques have been constantly developed.
  • Job satisfaction – due the job is stressing, it is also emotionally rewarding which makes it a satisfying job to have.

Getting the Surgery Fellowship

Involving yourself in a fellowship will require you to write a surgery fellowship personal statement which will help you introduce yourself to the admission committee. What to write in a personal statement for surgery fellowship matters to who you are, what are your achievements, as well as to what is your plans for the future. Personal statement surgery fellowship, as well as cardiology fellowship personal statements, will really give you a hard time to do but there are some fellowship personal statement tips and fellowship personal statement help that you can get from the internet or from other people.

There is also an example of fellowship personal statement which is available on articles and even on the internet that will give you a lot of idea on where you should start and where to end it:

  • Tell a story. Make your statement different, lively, and fresh so that you will put yourself ahead of the other applicants. If you make yourself distinguish through the story you will tell, it will make yourself memorable to the admission committee.
  • Be specific. Do not mention some idea if you cannot back it up whit some specific reasons. The application should emerge as the logical conclusion of your story.
  • Find an angle. Finding a hook or an angle is vital in creating a personal statement. Make your statements as interesting as possible though it might be a big challenge.
  • Concentrate on your opening paragraph. What is most important in a personal statement is the opening or lead paragraph. It should grab the attention of the reader for your paper not to be thrown out. The opening paragraph becomes the framework for the rest of the statement.
  • Tell what you know. Be specific as you can when you relate what you know in the field you chose. You need to use the language the professionals are using to convey this information. You can refer to your experiences, seminars you have attended, books you have read, conversations with the people of the same field, and classes.
  • Do not include some subjects. Better to left out some things of your personal statements. Do not include the references to accomplishments or experiences in high school or earlier. Do not also mention any controversial subjects like political issues or religions.
  • Do some research. Do some research on what makes you an appropriate candidate for the institution you are applying. Mention what the institution can offer to your well-being and professional growth.
  • Write well and correctly. Make yourself meticulous in the right way. Type and proofread your statement carefully. If you have the good written skills as well as command of correct language use, it is a plus. Make yourself express concisely and clearly. You need to adhere to the stated word limits for your effort not to be wasted.
  • Avoid clichés. Do not just mention that you are good with a certain thing as well as you have the chosen the field to help other people. This has been overused and you should avoid it to achieve a unique personal statement.
  • Avoid to include the following information:
  1. Unnecessary personal information such as how many children you have, if you have been married, or been recently divorced. This s not important and would not be a bearing factor in the admission committee decision.
  2. Do not talk about your flaws or include any negative.
  3. Do not lie or exaggerate the information included in your personal statement
  4. Do not plagiarize some other works for the committee uses plagiarism software to check for the personal statement’s originality.

reasons to decide to become a surgeon

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surgery fellowship personal statement

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