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Top 3 Elements of a Winning FACOS Personal Statement

If you are planning to apply it and ace it at the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons, then you are required to submit a FACOS personal statement. It is an essay that evaluates your skills, experience and to display other details that cannot be found in other application materials that you submitted. You check our fellowship application sample to get more information.

General Information about the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons

The American College of Osteopathic Surgeons, ACOS, was established on January 26, 1927. The main purpose is to excel in osteopathic surgical care. They have the mission to promote excellence in osteopathic surgical care through advocacy, education, fostering personal and professional relationships as well as leadership development. When it comes to core values, they demonstrate integrity and honesty by transparency and professionalism and display adaptation by inspiration and vision to the recipients of the fellowships. In the next section, learn more about it.

facos personal statement sample

Fellow of American College of Osteopathic Surgeons

The designation of the Fellow of the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons is conferred upon honorary members, ACOS members, retired and life members in recognition of their voluntary service and activities in advancing surgery and osteopathic medicine.

Requirements for FACOS Application

  • Certified by AOA approved or recognized by ABMS certifying board;
  • Proven commitment to college through continued ACOS membership, educational programs and participation in committees;
  • Demonstrated commitment to chosen profession through participation in state, local, national surgical society committees and hospital as well as participation in surgical residency programs;
  • Demonstrated continued knowledge by participation in CME programs
  • Demonstrated adherence to professional and ethical standards established by the profession.

facos personal statement writing tips

Elements Needed in FACOS Personal Statement

  • Intriguing opening lines: To created magnificent ACOS osteopathic surgery personal statement, you need to write intriguing opening lines. This means that your opening should be something unique and will surely grab the attention of your readers. It should be something that they are yet to read such as your beliefs or experiences that make them concentrate and engaged to keep reading your essay.
  • Positive writing tone and style: Since the osteopathic surgery fellowships personal statement is your chance to display what you have, it is important to write in a positive manner. As much as possible, do not include negative ideas if you cannot explain it thoroughly or without any justification. It is better to show a positive aura about yourself to convince the admission committee. The essay must be enthusiastic from the start to the finish.
  • Illustrate skills with examples: In writing your FACOS doctor essay, you need to give examples in illustrating your skills. Do not just write about your skills without evidence because you cannot convince the committee by just claiming without proving.  In short, show and do not tell.

Advice from Experts in Writing a Personal Statement

Travis Biziorek: Check out the following when writing for different schools about writing a personal statement.

  • Personal statement advice from Ohio: It is important to submit a personal statement read by different people so that you can get feedback. The admission committee is seeking for human being behind grades and activities, so you need a well-conceived essay that shows your uniqueness among the rest.
  • Personal statement advice from Union College, New York: Some mistakes that you need to avoid in writing your essay is the use of cursing words in your essay as well as discussing matters that are too much personal. To construct a great essay, it is better if you spend enough time with a teacher or counselor when discussing ideas because they can help you prepare in sharing your own story in an authentic way as said by Ann Fleming, Admission director in Union College.
  • Personal statement advice from University of Rochester, New York: In writing the personal statement, you should not bore your readers. The biggest mistake that many applicants do is following a template. The admission committee does not need a perfect introduction, body and conclusion formatting because what they need is a great content. Also, you need to be sure that you have correct grammar and proper spelling. Since it is a personal statement, you need to tell something that is unique about you. You need to make a dialogue or relate/share a short story. it may be an anecdote or a personal experience. You should not make your personal statement as others did to their essays. The best advice in writing the essay is to have fun as well as write something that others do not know about you.   These things can spark curiosity; thus, they may help increase your chances for an interview invitation.

David Ellis:

  • Where to start: Your first line should be handled with extra care because you need to ensure to strike the perfect tone. Admission heads in the University of Sheffield Alan Carlile said that it is essential to have a striking opening. In doing it, you have to avoid radical or humor statement because is some cases it can go wrong. You might end up being misinterpreted.
  • Check obsessively: Do not expect that the Word will pick up your mistakes. According to Ned Holt and Ken Jenkinson, it is important to s ask the help of others in proofreading your personal statement.
  • Write as yourself: In writing voluntary activities and service, you need to write as you are. There is no need to pretend. You need to begin writing by telling why you are keen to study as well as why you can be one of the best students in the academic community.
  • Make everything count: Schools are seeking for applicants who are interested in the course.  In writing the essay, you need to cut the small talk and go directly on what you want to say.
  • You are good, but you are not that good: Showing a little modesty is essential. According to Alan Carlile, confidence is great and veering into egotism is not. Remember that your statement should convince schools that you are excited about getting new experiences based on your previous experiences.  It is not about boasting what or who you are.

If you still have questions in writing your personal statement, you can check a fellowship application sample. You can get ideas from it such as formatting, structure, and tone. Finally, whether you are writing FACOS or sports medicine personal statement, do well and exert effort to convince the admission committee that you are the applicant they are looking for. Do not miss the chance of getting part of the university, show what you’ve got in the best way you can.

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