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6 Tips to Format Your Cover Letter and CV for Postdoctoral Fellowship in a Perfect Way

Applying for any jobs available will require you to submit some documents of who you are, what you have achieved, and what made you decide to take their job offer. It usually requires you to submit a resume enclosed with your cover letter. We are ready to provide you with all needed information on how to get postdoctoral fellowship.

It is very important to have a perfect cover letter for postdoctoral fellowship for those to read know what kind of person you are as well as to know why they should hire you. A CV for postdoctoral fellowship is also important in the hiring process. What made it important is that everyone needs a CV nowadays. This serves as your personal sales brochure that will tell who you are. This also becomes the first point of contact that you can use to grab potential employer’s attention.

Structure of a Cover Letter for Postdoctoral Fellowship

Curriculum Vitae, or which is known to be called as CV, serves as your own business card to be given to the company you are aiming to land a job with. This goes as well with your cover letter.

To make a good and well-written CV, you need to know the structure of how it is made and what information is needed:

  • Personal details – this should always be seen on top of your CV. You can state your name, address, phone number, email address, marital status, nationality, date, and place of birth. It is also seen that nowadays, you can mention or add your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Studies – where you need to state all your relevant courses and studies which you already have taken. Start with the last study which you are still doing and have it delivered in a chronological way back. Just simply state the name of the institution, degrees or diplomas obtained, and the dates.
  • Work experience – part where you need to enumerate all the jobs that you had. Start with the recent one and arranged it in the chronological way back. Mention the name of the companies, their respective addresses, and job title with a short description.
  • Computer skills – mention the computer programs you know how to use and how well you can do it.
  • Interests and other activities – include interests or hobbies and other relevant topics that well describes you. Make the last part of the CV as personal as possible. You can indicate if you have undergone additional training to increase expertise in a specialist subject.

cv for postdoctoral fellowship structure

Tips on How to Format Your CV and Cover Letter

It is not just about sports medicine personal statement but also with cover letter and CV on how to get postdoctoral fellowship. If you have much time to do some research, you can have a cover letter template for postdoctoral fellowship application which you can browse online. There are also some examples of CV for postdoctoral fellowship which you can check and get ideas from.

As you can see on a sample of cover letter for postdoctoral fellowship from articles, books, and online, there is what you call consistency. This is the main reason why people get the opportunities offered to them.

Here are some tips on how you can format your cover letter and CV in a perfect way:

  • There is no format to really follow. Refer to a postdoctoral fellowship cover letter sample to get some ideas but you need to make sure that your CV reflects you and your own accomplishments.
  • There is no page limit for CV, unlike a resume. Most of the graduate students have the CV with two to five pages in length. The CV will not get the attention of the readers for more than 30 seconds. Make sure that the most important information will stand out. Keep it concise, relevant, and direct.
  • Be strategic and creative to how you will order and entitle your CV’s categories. On the first page, the most important information should be seen. Under each category, list the items in chronological but reverse order. The category headings will be the one to influence the readers on how they will perceive you.
  • You need to use active verbs and sentence fragments to describe your experiences. Do not use pronouns like me or me, and also minimize articles like the, and, and me. When using jargon, make sure that it is appropriate to the level of your audience. Make sure to keep dates, locations, and less important information on the right side of your CV’s page. The left side should have the important details such as job title, degree, university, etc.
  • Stick to the common font like Times New Roman with a font size of 10 to 12 point. Use highlighting like bold, all caps, and white space to make it look like made with professional style. Do not use text boxes, italics, shading, and underlining or use it just in moderation. The margin should also be equal on all four sides with a size of ¾ to one inch.
  • Follow the conventions of your field, mainly the standards and expectation especially with the order of the categories. You can try and check the CVs submitted by the fresh graduates and ensure that you are following the same guideline.

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cover letter for postdoctoral fellowship

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Use these helpful tips on how to create the best CV for postdoctoral fellowship to succeed!