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Submit a Professional Letter of Recommendation for Medical Residency

writing lor for medical residency

How Important Is Letter of Recommendation for Medical Residency

To become licensed to practice medicine on your own you must first complete a residency and write medical residency personal statement. This graduate training will ensure that you have the skills required to be a fully fledged and competent doctor in your field. However getting into a good residency is not simple, every year many applicants do not get the placement that they want and others fail to be placed at all.

A good letter of recommendation for medical residency, as well as fellowship personal statement, can make a huge impact on an applicant’s chances of success. Having someone that is respected recommend them for a place can help the committee to make a favorable judgment. This is especially true if there is little else to choose between the applicants.

Writing an effective letter, however, is often a struggle. Many asked to provide a LoR for medical residency will not have the time or the knowledge required to write one effectively. This is why so many will turn to our specialized services for help with writing their letters. We have been supporting applicants for many years and can provide you with everything that you need to ensure that your letters are written promptly and to the highest of standards.

What Documents Are Required for a Residency Application?

Writing a letter of recommendation for medical residency is not the only requirement. Applications are usually made ERAS, the Electronic Residency Application System. Whether you are applying for a residency or an AAMC fellowship you will have to upload all of your information through your MyERAS login to be able to apply to the programs you have your eye on. The following are the documents and information that will be required:

  • Completed electronic application form online
  • The Medical Student Performance Evaluation MSPE
  • School Transcripts
  • Status Report from ECFMG for overseas graduates
  • United Statement Medical Licensing Examination report
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Fellowship personal statement

For letters of recommendation, the applicant needs to put the information of the person providing the reference into the ERAS system. ERAS will then email the person directly with the request and the instructions for how they can upload the LoR letter for medical residency directly. Check our medical residency letter of recommendation sample.

Medical Residency Letter of Recommendation Sample

medical residency letter of recommendation sample

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What Is Covered by a Medical Letter of Recommendation for Residency?

In reality, there are only a few areas that the committee will be looking to understand from your letter of recommendation. They will want to know:

  • From working with the student what do you feel their strengths are?
  • How will they perform when working in a residency?
  • How would you distinguish them from other students?

How to Start Writing a Letter of Recommendation for Medical Residency

Writing a letter that is going to effectively recommend someone for a position is not a simple task. If you really have no idea if the person will perform in the residency or have nothing positive to say about them then you really should decline the request to provide a reference rather than supplying one that is not positive.

Looking at a good medical residency letter of recommendation sample will also help you with your writing. A well-written letter of recommendation sample for medical residency will show you the areas that you should be covering and the style of writing that will suit your letter. However, you should never just copy a sample LoR for medical residency and use it as your own.letter of recommendation for medical residency

If you are going to write a letter then the following guidelines will help you:

  • Stick to a single page or at the most 2, as anymore simply will not get read.
  • Show your relationship to the person applying for the residency.
  • Tailor your letter to the expectations of the residency covering their qualifications and skills such as:
  • Research skills
  • Their ability in the chosen specialist area
  • Communication skills
  • Attitude to learning
  • Analytical ability
  • Intellect
  • Motivation
  • Specific achievements
  • Be as specific as you can with your observations: give clear examples and quantify them if possible.
  • Give an overall recommendation to show how well you feel they will perform in the residency.
  • Tell the reader that you will happily entertain requests for additional information.
  • Proofread the letter with care to ensure that there are no errors in your writing.

What Should Be Avoided within Your Letter of Recommendation

There are many pitfalls to writing a LoR for residency that you should always avoid if you want your letter to be effective:

  • Don’t provide false or unsupported praise: simply saying that someone is an excellent leader with no evidence to back it up is ineffective. Give clear examples.
  • Don’t lie: this will not help the person in their future career nor will do anything for your own reputation.
  • Don’t include personal information that is irrelevant to the application such as someone’s sexual orientation.
  • Don’t write the letter if you feel you are unable to recommend them.

How Can We Help with Your Medical Student Letter of Recommendation for Residency

Whether working as an M.D. or a D.O. you are unlikely to have a lot of time to support your students with a letter. This is why you may want our support. We can work directly with you to help you craft an effective letter quickly. Our experts fully understand how your letter should be put together and will be able to quickly draw out the information that is required for the letter and write it in a persuasive manner.

If you are unhappy with any part of the letter our services can provide unlimited revisions until you are sure the LoR fully reflects the individual you are recommending. Whether you are recommending an MBBS, MBChB, or BMed graduate for a place we know just how to tailor the letter according to the residency they are applying to.

Our specialists are highly dedicated to providing you with full satisfaction with all that they do. In fact, our services fully guarantee satisfaction. If you are not happy with anything then simply let us know and we will resolve the problem. If we cannot then we provide you with your money back. In addition, we will also guarantee:

  • Always deliver your letter to you on time.
  • Provide you with guaranteed confidentiality at some of the lowest prices you will find online.
  • Give your writing that is error free and unique to you: all services include free proofreading and a plagiarism report.

Make the letter of recommendation for medical residency that you write stand out by using our professional help and advice!