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Rules Not to Follow in Preparing Your FACS Personal Statement

Applying to the American College of Surgeons fellowship is not that easy because you need to meet and submit stellar application requirements to convince that you deserve to become one of them. If you do great in your FACS personal statement and have a complete application, you may increase your chances of being a part of their community. Learn more about medical fellowship personal statements.

Facts about American College of Surgeons

  • The American College of Surgeons is an educational and scientific surgeons association to enhance care quality for patients through top standards for education and practice.
  • The American College of Surgeons was established in the year 1913 through Franklin Martin initiative.
  • The College was highly successful Clinical Congresses of Surgeons of North America that take place annually since 1910 in the different large surgical centers throughout North America.
  • The College developed a SESAP or Surgical Education and Self-Assessment Program to give practicing surgeons with a  great resource for excellent lifelong learning.

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Fellow of the American College of Surgeons Requirements

Canada and United States Eligibility of Applicants

  • The American College of Surgeons only admits those surgeons whose professional activity is devoted to practice in surgical as well as agree without any compromise to practice by ethical and professional standards. All fellows and candidates are expected to adhere to the set standards.
  • For FACS evaluation, the College evaluates applicants eligibility for fellowship, the institution investigate every applicant’s surgical practice. Candidates are required to give to the committee all details necessary for evaluation and review of their surgical practice.
  • The College sets December 1 of every year as the final date of application acceptance. Applicants for the fellowship must have the following qualifications:
  • A  graduate from a medical university acceptable to American College of Surgeons
  • Certification which is perfect for the candidate’s specialty practice by American Surgical Specialty Board  that is an American Board of Medical Specialties member or American Osteopathic Surgical Specialty Board
  • Unrestricted and full license to practice medicine in a province or state with no reportable action pending that can affect the licensure status
  • 1-year surgical practice after completing all formal training that is required
  • Current surgical practice establishing the candidate as specialist in surgery: All candidates are expected to be physicians having primary independent responsibility for surgical treatments
  • Professional proficiency and ethical fitness: The determination is based on the details obtained from applicants who were references
  • Has an interest to pursue professional excellence in surgical community and individual surgeon: The interest can  be evidenced by membership in regional, national and local surgical societies; participation in hospital committees and teaching programs; continuing medical education through seminars, course, and professional meetings
  • Must have no reportable action pending to affect the privileges in the current primary hospital where the applicant is appointed as a surgical staff
  • The Member Service Liaison Committee will be the one to determine whether requirements for the fellowship are being satisfied.
  • The Regents Board makes the final decision about the candidate’s eligibility for the fellowship.
  • The Regents Board may at any time change the requirements for fellowship.

what to avoid in facs personal statement

Things You Need to Know about FACS Application

  • Applicants must fill up the FACS application form including their personal information.
  • FACS accept notarized copies and certified true copies issued by the school, U.S consul, United States educational foundation, AMIDEAST, and other similar agencies.
  • Email confirmation available

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5 Rules Not to Follow in Writing the FACS Personal Statement

  1. Quotations: The committee wants to hear your voice, not Einstein, Coco Chanel, Paul Britton, Napoleon’s, Descartes, David Attenborough and Martin Luther King, so you should not include a quote unless it is really important in making a critical point. It is just a waste of the word count limit.
  2. Random lists: As much as possible, you need to avoid providing a list of books you have read, work experience placements you have done and countries you have visited. For beginners, it is boring to read. It is better to write what you have learned in the past and why that learning matters to you.
  3. Overused clichés: Avoid phrases or statement such as “since I was a child”, “from a young age” and others. Those statements or phrases always appear in hundreds of personal statement.
  4. Unproven claims and over-generalization: There are phrases you still need to avoid such as “My achievements are great”, or “I believe that I am a motivated person”. Instead, you need to provide specific examples that give concrete evidence. In addition, you should show and not tell.
  5. Stilted vocabulary: Some of the frequent words or phrases use like “fuelled my desire”, “world renowned author” and “was enthralled by” is not attention grabbing. You need to know what vocabulary you will use in your general surgery personal statement for the best understanding of the readers.

Tips for Writing the Personal Statement

  • What should be in the personal statement: In writing, you need to include about your relevant research and work, academic experience, reasons for applying, the motivation for applying, long-term professional and academic goals and relevant personal background.
  • Address all aspects of a given prompt: Make sure that you do not ignore the prompt given. Also, you need to avoid the same template because the admission committee will notice it.
  • Be creative: In the personal statement, you need to give context as well as relevance to everything you write. You need to include personal experience, mention innovators or theorists and discuss early influences that led to your career choice.
  • Structure and style: In medical fellowship personal statements, you need to formulate long-term goals. You need to make honest self-projections as well as avoid making up stories or claims.
  • Include an anecdote or a narrative: In your FACOS personal statement, you can capture the attention of your readers by using an anecdote, a great way to start your personal statement.

To increase your surgical competence, you need to do a great job in completing all the requirements of the American College of Surgeons. Remember that becoming a part of the program will be your help to get the career you want. Ensure to exert time and effort in completing all the requirements required by the College and make sure they’re impressive to stand out from the crowd.

Learn how to write an impressive FACS personal statement and increase your chances of winning a slot today!