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My ERAS Fellowship Application Tips

What Help Might You Need with Your My ERAS Fellowship Application?

my eras fellowshipIf you want to gain a place on a medical residency then your application is going to be made through the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) and their Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). This is where you can upload all of your relevant information and select the programs that you wish to apply to. This gives a common platform for all applications to over 400 teaching hospitals and 145 medical schools in the US.
But completing an application in a way that is going to get you noticed and made a preference for the place that you wish to get is not easy. This is why you may want some help with some of the more important parts of your application through the MyEras portal.

What Are the Requirements for Your MyERAS Fellowship Application?

MyERAS is the portal that you use to access the main ERAS system and that you will use to input all of the information that is required to make your medical fellowship application. It is also where you will be able to search for and apply for residency programs that will match your needs. To complete your residency application you will need to ensure that you provide all of the following information:

  • Complete the application form within MyERAS; this covers the information that you would usually find within your resume.
  • Write a one page medicine fellowship personal statement.
  • Upload your Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE)
  • Create a list of recommenders to provide you a Letter of Recommendation (LoR)
  • Upload the medical school transcripts
  • Upload your United Stated Medical Licensing Examination Transcript (USMLE)
  • For International Medical Graduates (IMGs) upload your Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates status report (ECFMG)
  • If you apply to California you will need to upload your Postgraduate Training Authorization Letter (PTAL)

Writing the Best Possible Personal Statement for MyERAS

Your personal statement is one of the most important parts of your application as often your grades and other qualifications are going to be very similar to many of the other applicants. A well written personal statement therefore can help you to stand out from the competition. But writing that outstanding ERAS personal statement is not always easy. The following tips will help you to ensure that your statement will make an impact:

  • Tailor your statement for the specific program that you are applying to (you can upload multiple statements and select which to use for an application.)
  • Always open with a hook to get the reader attention; a personal anecdote that is relevant and intriguing is always the best choice.
  • Tell it like a story to provide flow and keep the reader’s attention.
  • Use language that is easy to understand; don’t try to be clever with unusual words or use slang or acronyms.
  • Never use clichés or quotations in your writing; they want to hear your voice.
  • Do not repeat information already covered elsewhere in your application.
  • Don’t make obvious statements.
  • Do not exceed the word count, you have one page only.
  • Always proofread very carefully to ensure that there are no writing errors.
  • Getting the Best Letters of Recommendation

myeras fellowshipYour LoR are another part of your application that can heavily influence the outcome of your application. Through ERAS you are able to request letters from as many people as you want. But you will only be able to attach up to 4 to any one application. When you select someone in MyERAS as a recommender you will be provided with a personalized letter to provide them. This letter must only be sent to this person and not to others.
Send you letter with as much information as possible so that they will know who you are, how they have influenced you, and what you have achieved. This will allow them to be able to write you an effective letter of recommendation for your application.

We Can Help with Your My ERAS Application

We offer a highly specialized service for coaching, writing and editing for your ERAS application. Through us you can get support through an expert that will hold a relevant higher degree to your application as well as being highly experienced in the actual application process and requirements. They will work with you directly to provide you with precisely the help that you need. All writing and editing is fully unique and tested for plagiarism and will also be carefully proofread to eliminate any errors. We offer on time delivery and unlimited revisions until you are fully satisfied.

With guaranteed satisfaction or your money back there really is no reason not to contact us if you need help with your My ERAS fellowship application.