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Most Helpful Fellowship Personal Statement Tips

You always think of your future career and where it will be leading you. When you plan to pursue your learnings, all you need to do is to apply for job positions related to it. To get it, you need to have the best and well-written resume with a cover letter. The personal statement should always be present in the commonly searched and read cardiology personal statement.

A personal statement is your best opportunity to express to the admission committee who you are, why you are the candidate is perfect and great for the program you are applying, as well as to write your particular experience that will get the attention of the committee. There are tips for writing personal statement for fellowship that will help you get the fellowship and be successful. Learn more about how to create the best personal statement radiology fellowship here. 

Tips on How to Make the Best Fellowship Personal Statement

The personal statement is one of the crucial parts of your application process. It might give a hard time since this will serve as your personal brochure to sell yourself and every information you include it is really important. One of the fellowship personal statement tips that you need to remember is that your personal statement should only be about two pages long and should be double-spaced. This is how long should a personal statement for fellowship be, no more, no less.

Having a problem on how to write a personal statement for a fellowship, there are fellowship personal statement guidelines that you can count on to guide you in the process.


Follow this personal statement for fellowship advice and you will be able to compose the best and original personal statement:

  • Be yourself. The personal statement is about you and not some other people. This encourages you to write about your best qualities and things about you like your passions, talents, educations, and achievements.
  • Show diversity. The personal statement that you will make will differentiate you from other applicants. You need to explain why the committee should hire you and what you can contribute to their aim. The committee wants to see how unique you are so better to tell the things that made you grow and build your character. Don’t forget to write off your particular experience.
  • Do research. Make some research for you to give concrete reasons why you are interested in being part of them and pursuing the field that you have chosen. You can speak with the faculty members on that field and mention that in your personal statement.
  • Be concise and follow directions. Make sure you read the guidelines carefully and follow it accordingly. Do not make it as a mistake and make the committee throw out your application. There is always a way to make your thoughts be compressed into short and simple words.
  • Go beyond the resume, test scores, and GPA. GPA and test scores are also the basis for the admission process to see if you are qualified or not. That is why there is a personal statement enclosed with your resume to explain your weaknesses or strengths such as lack of experience, low GPA or changes in major.
  • Tell a story. The personal statement may bore the admission officer or committee and you should avoid that. Make a personal statement that will make yourself memorable to the committee. Tell a story about something that will be distinctive from a different or creative angle.

fellowship personal statement tips

Things Not to Put in Your Personal Statement

If you are already aware of what should be included in your personal statement, then there will be some thoughts and words that you should not put. The admission committee reviews every application submitted to them and they are also fully aware of the guidelines.

One miss may lead to rejection of your application:

  • Do not put a quote unless it is necessary for you to highlight a critical point. It will be a waste of the word count which should also be considered due to the guidelines.
  • Avoid random lists such as the countries you have visited, the book you have read, not relevant work experiences, and the positions you have help from that work.

Avoid using the most common clichés like:

  1. “from a young age”
  2. “since I was a child”
  3. “I’ve always been fascinated by”
  4. “I have a thirst for knowledge”
  5. “the world we live in today”

Avoid the phrases like:

  1. “I genuinely believe I’m a highly motivated person”
  2. “My achievements are vast”
  • Limit the use of the word “passion” for it is overused by most applicants. Try on conveying your passion without using the word “passion” itself.
personal statement for fellowship advice

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Avoid using the phrases from stilted vocabulary which are frequently used which make you sound a bit fake like:

  1. “fueled my desire”
  2. “I was enthralled by”
  3. “that world-renowned author (name)”
  • Never to commit exaggeration, lies, and plagiarism. This is a big NO to any types of writing including the personal statement. The committee that will review your application uses plagiarism software to check if it is obtained from another source.
  • Putting humor in your personal statement is good but tend to be risky so make sure to be careful.
  • It might be difficult to sell yourself with your personal statement so make all your information to have a positive approach.
  • Only provide useful information that is relevant to the position you are applying. Apply the “so what” rule so that you can put only the important and helpful information.

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