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Pulmonary Critical Care Fellowship Personal Statement Service

There are many aspects that you need to take into account when building your pulmonary critical care fellowship personal statement such as the requirements of the fellowship program and what content should you write about. Another factor that you need to consider is how to gain an advantage over the other applicants who you will be competing with for the limited slots. The good news is that there is a way for you to stand out among the crowd and that is by hiring our writing services today.

Pulmonary Critical Care Fellowship Personal Statement Example

During the past decade, I have kept a conceptual continuity when it comes to my professional experiences and medical education. My family came to America to offer support to my goal of pursuing the best training in the field of Internal Medicine. My father decided to do so because he believes that the USA is a nation that can offer advanced technologies, as well as countless of opportunities regarding professional development.

I believe that a pulmonary fellowship is the most logical pathway for this career. Since the very first time that I worked with chest medicine, serving as a Senior House Officer in the United Kingdom, I have already had my focus on having a career in the field of pulmonary critical care.

My interest and aptitude for diagnosis and overall management of various pulmonary cases has allowed me to flourish as a very effective member of a team while working within an ICU environment, attaining a high level of skill of multitask management, as well as being adept at reacting and anticipating to circumstances that are unforeseen.

I ultimately feel that my exposure to various departments at the local hospital, including the acute stroke unit, geriatric medicine, orthopedics, accident emergency, obstetrics, as well as internal medicine have all prepared me towards addressing a wide array of illnesses, affecting various organ systems in the boundaries of critical care medicine.

I have completely anticipated working in an academic institution, or perhaps a teaching hospital, where I can maintain a close link with the practice of pulmonology and critical care. My experiences in the academe, as well as professional experiences in various countries have allowed me to develop the special ability of interacting effectively with different people from many different cultural creeds and backgrounds. One day, I am hoping to bring in this capability in the classroom, while teaching other professionals in the medical world.

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Our Pulmonary Critical Care Fellowship Personal Statement Writing Service

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How to Write Admission Essay for the Pulmonary Fellowship?

  1. Create the outline. Write down in the notes the facts and examples of your professional life that you can take pride in. Include the examples from your early influences to the present days. Don’t include the facts that were already mentioned in your CV and application.
  2. Write in a simple manner. The temptation to use abbreviations and the highly professional language is high, however, in the personal statement, you don’t really need it. All you have to do is to give the definite answers n the essay questions. Write in the simple manner, it sounds more clear and understandable, don’t try to make impressions with your language.
  3. Buzzwords. Include some useful keywords to your statement but don’t overuse them, otherwise, it will sound annoying, don’t use too many adjectives and adverbs.
  4. Cliche. The cliche is the worst that you can put in the personal statement for the fellowship. Cliches are common phrases, such as “The sky is the limit” or “I’ve always wanted to become a pulmonologist.

Answer the question. For some colleges and universities, it is mandatory to answer the question that is asked to answer in the essay, sometimes there can be multiple questions as well, provide the definite answers to them.

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