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Geriatric Fellowship Personal Statement Service


Good grades aren’t always enough to make an impression if you are applying for geriatric fellowship. As a matter of fact, another part of your application that will be scrutinized is your geriatric fellowship personal statement. Your personal statement is vital because it is here where you can get to impress them with your background, your skills, and your achievements that are not found in your resume. It is also here where you can get the chance to talk directly to your reader in the hopes of convincing them that you are the perfect candidate for the fellowship.

Geriatric Fellowship Personal Statement Example

During my third year in medical school, the change that I see in a classroom setting, as well as the hands-on clinical experience has overall motivated me in a relatively new way. The physicians I had the opportunity of working with have greatly inspired me. Their patience, diligence, and dedication towards their patients have earned my admiration and respect. Ultimately, I have learned the utmost importance of doctor-patient interaction, including interpersonal skills.

I have also found interest in the work of being a family practitioner because it is highly possible to use a wide range of tools and treatment options that can be used for diagnosis while being able to offer a great opportunity in connecting with various age groups of patients. After graduating, I have planned to work towards assisting people who are greatly suffering from poverty and health problems.

Because of this, I have participated in various programs for public health service in a specific offshore island. The islanders I was able to work with were generally made of farmers who were underprivileged. They were the ones who worked all day long under the heat of the sun, growing onion and garlic. I wanted to feel the responsibility of being able to take care of more than two thousand island residents, and I was their only physician.

Each day, I was given the opportunity of meeting around more than fifty outpatients, including emergency cases day and night. It was there that I encounter various cases that I am not really familiar of at first. I had the chance of meeting several interesting patients whom I have never worked with in the first place. As I spent time with them, not only was I able to build rapport with them, but I am certainly looking forward to sharing ideas with colleagues.

Where to Find Help for Your Geriatric Fellowship Personal Statement

geriatric fellowship personal statementThe internet is the best place for you to find professional writers who can build your personal statement for you. Of course, you need to be careful in choosing a writing service because not all of them can deliver quality output.

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Geriatric Admission Essay Should Include:

  • Information considering your experiences and skills
  • Your personal goals considering fellowship
  • Your strengths and most important traits of character that will help you in achievement of your goals
  • Motivation and reasoning considering selected program
  • Examples and practical work description that will prove your competence in the field

It doesn’t matter whether you are applying a for fellowship in pulmonary medicine or geriatrics, our team of writers can help you create the best medical fellowship personal statement there is. Our writers listen carefully to what you want and with our knowledge on the various fellowship programs we will help build a customized statement that will work best in your favor. You only need to send your order to us through our website and we’ll build your personal statement for you.

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