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Medical Fellowship Application in Facts and Stats

What is a medical fellowship? This is the specialized training in which students receive training after completing their specialty training program called residency. It is normally required to all medical students in Canada and in the US. During a fellowship, the doctor is known as a fellow who should complete the training within a year or so. Now, what do you need to know about medical fellowship application? Check out this post.

medical fellowship application

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Interesting Stats about Medicine

  • Americans, on the average, spend $500M annually on allergy treatments
  • 40 million of them have arthritis
  • 60 million of them have high blood pressure
  • 40 million of them has never visited a dentist
  • Eight glass of water or other fluids are not important for good health
  • One out of every 10 people in the US spend a day in the hospital every year

Some Unbelievable Facts about Medicine

  • Copper wrists bracelets do not really prevent or treat arthritis
  • Coffee increase mental alertness and shortens eye and hand reaction time. It also reduces depression and treats asthma.
  • Cow dung is used for medicinal purposes in Nepal.
  • A staple in your earlobe doesn’t help you lose weight.

Healthcare Career Statistics

  • There are about 700,000 doctors in the US alone.
  • One of the leading causes of death and injury is medical errors.
  • 6,000 times a year– this is the frequency that doctors leave a medical device inside their patient’s body.
  • 64% of physicians reported of working overtime.
  • The highest paid in the world include doctors and physicians.
  • Every 14 seconds, a surgeon interrupts their patients during a consultation.

What Are the Most Important Components of the Application Process?

  • 25% undergraduate GPA
  • 21.88% MCAT score
  • 34.38% Interview
  • 12.5% relevant experience
  • 3.13% letter of recommendation
  • 3.45% personal statement

We hope these useful medical fellowship tips help you out!

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