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FAAD Personal Statement Adventures

Write the FAAD personal statement excellently to increase your chances of winning an application. Becoming a part of a professional membership organization is a great opportunity because it gives you the chance to explore more about your chosen path, to focus as well as to advance your experience in the highest possible standards. You may opt to become a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology organization. For guidance, keep reading or you can also check our FACEP personal statement tips.

General Information about the American Academy of Dermatology

The American Academy of Dermatology is a professional membership organization that focuses on advancing and promoting the art and science of surgery and medicine with the best standards in research and clinical practice in dermatology and other related disciplines. This academy of dermatology was founded in the year 1983 and is situated in Schaumburg, Illinois. The organization is one of the largest organizations of dermatologists around the world. They represent 19,000 dermatologists in Canada and United States. They grant associate memberships and fellowships as well as fellowships for non-residents of Canada or USA. Since 1979, they have been publishing a medical journal every month.

What Does American Academy of Dermatology Membership Mean?

The American Academy of Dermatology membership offers fellow membership and associate membership. The fellow membership is offered to people who are certified in dermatology by American Board of Dermatology, Royal College of Physicians, Osteopathic Board of Dermatology and Surgeons of Canada. On the other hand, the Associate membership is for persons who are eligible in taking American Board of Dermatology, Royal College of Physicians, Osteopathic Board of Dermatology and Surgeons of Canada certifying examination in dermatology. Applicants may choose what member category where they want to belong.

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Branches and Levels of American Academy of Dermatology Fellowship

  • Associate fellowship
  • Fellow fellowship
  • Adjunct fellowship
  • Military fellowship
  • International fellowship

FAAD Application Requirements

The following documents should be submitted to the Academy before applicant’s application will be processed.

  • Canadian or US medical license: State medical license photocopy
  • Board certification in dermatology: Board certification copy from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Osteopathic Board of Dermatology or American Board of Dermatology

Tips in Writing the FAAD Personal Statement

  • Be yourself: To become part of AAD dermatology fellowship, you need to write a personal statement about education, passion, and talents. The readers want to hear about the events in your life or significant places you have been. You can write about individuals you have met or any work you have done that shaped you. The organization wants to know about you, so you need to portray the best details about yourself in the personal statement. Brainstorm and find out which among your best assets and selling points you would include in the essay.
  • Show diversity: The dermatology personal statement is where you get a chance to differentiate yourself from other candidates. With it, you need to explain why they should accept you and what you can contribute. You need to show how you are different from other applicants and demonstrate how unique you are by telling things that helped you grow as an individual.
  • Tailor your essay: AAD or FACEP personal statement is different from others, so it should also be different.  It is good when you do a research to provide concrete reasons you are interested in the program and why you think that the academy is the best venue to meet those goals and visions. Tell them how studying in the institution is the best you can do to achieve your future plans.
  • Follow directions and be concise: You need to read the directions carefully. One of the mistakes of applicants is that they do not adhere to word count limitations. You should not give the readers any reasons to throw out your application. If you need help, you can ask faculty members to read your essay and get a feedback in writing a personal statement in AAD or best nephrology fellowships.
  • Go beyond test scores, GPA and resume: Many applicants worry about their test scores and GPA. They think that it will affect their application or admission. The essay is a chance to explain any weaknesses or strengths in your application like lack of experience, low GPA or changes in major courses.
  • Tell a story: There are readers that will fall in love with a great story, and it is what you need to give to the admission committee. In writing the personal statement, you need to give the best story of your life. The worst thing to do is to bore your readers. You can be memorable to them by telling a story that is distinctive from a different or creative angle.   Doing so will also make you shine from the rest of the applicants.

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Advice from Expert in Writing the Personal Statement

Judi Robinovitz

According to Judi, a certified educational planner that specializes in educational counseling, there is no best topic out there in writing the personal statement. He said that the best essays are the ones that answer questions, “What does the applicant say about herself or himself?”, “Who is the applicant?” You must ensure that your focus is sustained. It is also important to remember that the personal statement is your opportunity to differentiate yourself as a unique person apart from resumes, test scores, and grades.

He also said that apart from the topic you choose, you need to capture the interest of your readers in your first sentence. To do it, you need to give the best details about you. Make it easier for readers to remember you by constructing a great story. The more specific you are, the more the readers will be interested in what you’re saying.

Michael Cheary

  • Tense to write: The personal statement can be written in any tense or personal point of view. Just be sure to maintain the consistency all throughout. However, you need to avoid statements, such as “I am a recent economic graduate with excellent organizational and analytical skills. I am a self-motivated and driven person that always gives 100% in all things I do”.
  • Personal statement length: The essay is not a 1 size fits all document. It means that a new essay should be written for every application that you submit. Although it takes time to change or modify it, it will make a difference in the application. Put your best effort so that you can impress the admission committee. General personal statements will not get you anywhere.

If you want to pass the board examination(s), you need to complete an AAD program and graduate from it. With AAD, you can learn all things that you need because they can help you to excel and become the pro you always want to be. Lastly, check the website of AAD to know the complete details in applying and a deadline for submission. Lastly, remember that the individuals certified in dermatology can apply for the program.

For expert advice, don’t think twice about getting help from FAAD personal statement experts today!