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Sports Medicine Fellowship Personal Statement Service

Applying for a sports medicine fellowship will certainly give you access to more opportunities in the future but being accepted into the program is another matter. Fellowships in medicine especially critical care fellowship personal statement are hard to get in because aside from the fact that they only offer limited slots you will also be competing against other applicants for the spot. What can you do to stand out? Well, write a professional and convincing sports medicine fellowship personal statement of course.

Fellowship Personal Statement for Sports Medicine Example

Inside the banquet room at a Florida Italian Restaurant, my track and field coach back in high school was talking with an audience composed of his team and families. That gathering was considered as end-of-the-season. Most of the athletes who were in their senior years were commended because they have given their very best. Personally speaking, I never thought of myself as one that has accomplished anything.

When the coach called my attention and addressed me in front of the audience, he said that regardless of what is being presented in the record books, he still considers me as the best triple jumper who ever competed for our school. After hearing such words, I felt the intense pride welling up inside me. I can say that the season started off well. I was favored to win the title, and possibly breaking the record of the school, but I just ended with nothing but a sports injury.

Since then, I became attracted to a specific career in which I involve myself with helping people to reach their maximum capability, and potentially recover from the experiences I similarly had. All throughout the entire period that I will be spending in this sports medicine fellowship program, I am hoping to gain a firm foundation in the field of pathophysiology, as well as the general clinical practice that is often involved in the field of sports medicine. I am particularly interested in learning amidst an environment that encourages me to have a really close relationship with other residents, faculty, and patients. I just love the environment involved in the community academe, including the consistent learning type that accompanies the field of medicine. With this program, I am hoping to learn, but more importantly, I want to be able to help other people deal with sports related injury.with your 

If you need help with your personal statement about sports along the way, our writing company is here to provide you the assistance you need. You can organize the admission essay in the chronological order or you can use your own invented storyline to stick to. The common way of organizing the essay is considered dividing it into several parts.

The opening line should start with something interesting and intriguing. Mention your early influences, what made you tick about your profession in the first place, who was the perfect example for you and what inspires you to this day. If you have good examples from the internship or the high school or work it is okay to mention them as well if they contribute to the overall picture of your professionalism in the sphere you are obtaining the degree. To use this approach the first paragraph tells a story to open the theme, the second paragraph fleshes out other experiences that highlight.

To use this approach the first paragraph tells a story to open the theme, the second paragraph fleshes out other experiences that highlight.

Types of sports medicine personal statements for fellowships: 

  • Sport Science Personal Statement
  • Sport Therapy Personal Statement
  • Fitness Health And Exercise Personal Statement
  • Sports Rehabilitation Personal Statement
  • Sports Coaching Personal Statement
  • Sport Psychology Personal Statement
  • Physical Education Personal Statement

The Magic of Sports Medicine Fellowship Personal Statement

sports medicine fellowship personal statement
sports medicine fellowship advice

Just like an oncology fellowship personal statement, your personal statement for sports medicine will be the best place for you to promote yourself to your readers. This is where you can get to show your uniqueness by expounding on your academic feats as well as convince your readers that you have what it takes and the attitude to belong to the program. This means that you will need a high level of writing skill to put together a personal statement that will stand out.

Dos and don’ts in personal statements for fellowships:


  • Write the full sentences.
  • Use the active voice.
  • Make your writing interesting – use various types of sentences – simple and compound, etc.
  • Ask for the feedback about what you write.
  • Make the outline and select the keywords in the draft, then create the statement
  • Do include such components into the essay: the story, the experiences, examples, strength, future plans.


  • Repeat the facts that were stated in the CV
  • Use abbreviations.
  • Violate the HIPPA.
  • Use the cliche.
  • Write a novel, use single-spaced, 12 point font, keep it as short as 1 page.
  • Have spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Use the statement template for the different specialities, just like with the CV you need to create the separate statement for each specialty if you apply for the multiple options.

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