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Gastroenterology Fellowship Personal Statement

We have often heard that we are what we eat. I started with my discovery of the field of gastroenterology after hearing that my father was diagnosed with a certain disease called diverticulitis and need to go through a procedure which will remove a big section of his colon. From then on, I have seen myself working on various non-surgical treatments focusing on diverticulitis on its late stage by means of understanding the mechanisms involved regarding the progression of the disease.

Diverticulitis is a particular disease that influences more than 60% of elderly people. It has been my goal to become a gastroenterologist who has the capacity to eradicate such disease for good. I am currently working at the National Health Institute. For more than seven years now, I have worked with researching different gastrointestinal disorders. The project that I am currently working on now involves the role of NF-kB transcription on gastrointestinal inflammation.

Together with the assistance of my mentor, I have found out that small doses of a certain substance called capsacin, which is often found in chili peppers, can increase the threshold activation of the macrophages. I am planning to continue working on this research during my graduate studies at AA University, where a doctor has kindly agreed to serve as my mentor for this thesis. I am very excited to pursue this degree because it is a career that I really love. I believe that this prestigious fellowship will prove to be a good help for me in order to reach all of my goals.

I have already made it a point to make sure that my work in the field of gastroenterology will not just end right after graduate school. I ultimately believe that my job would also entail inspiring other people to learn for themselves as well. That I can achieve by means of teaching.

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Gastroenterology Fellowship Questions for the Admission Essay

What are your plans for the nearest future? It’s great if you have plans for the future, describe them in details and preferably start with the ones you hold for the short term implementation. For the short-term goals you can add all your career plans in the nearest 1-2 years.

  • What are your long-term plans? Just as you described your short-term plans try to put the long ones along the way as well. What do you imagine will happen to you in 10 years? What level are you planning to achieve professionally till that moment? In the long term plans, you can include 5-10 year plans.
  • Where do you get the motivation? Simply list the activities and things that make you feel motivated about the work you do, it may be meeting new challenges, solving someone else’s problems, leadership and so on.
  • What have you achieved? On the way to the long-term and your short-term plans, what goals have you managed to achieve by now? You can put here the research projects and other related information.
  • What do you need fellowship for? In other words – answer the question how exactly the fellowship program can contribute to your plans achievement.

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